Hydrotherm Massage

For this massage you lie on warm water cushions that provide comfort and relaxation. The cushions give you the perfect spinal alignment, so you will no longer experience the discomfort of lying face down, you will get a fantastic massage with amazing results.

Body Massage (50 mins)


Full Leg (35 mins)


Back, Neck and Shoulders (35 mins)


Pregnancy Massage (65 mins)


Please note that the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are the time to take extra care, so we advise this treatment when you’re over 12 weeks pregnant, up to 9 months pregnant.

Conventional Massage

Conventional Back Massage (25 mins)


Conventional Back Massage (35 mins)


Full Body (Including Scalp Massage) (65 mins)


Hot Stone Back Massage (35 mins)

This massage is good for everyone. Experience the warmth and comfort of the hot stones combined with the flowing massage that will melt your tension away.

Hot Stone Massage (80 mins)

A wonderfully warming and relaxing experience. The smooth warm stones soothe muscles and ease tension away, improving the flow of energy in your body to create the perfect relaxation. Includes body exfoliation and pressure point facial massage.

Relaxing Therapy Head Massage (35 mins)

Lie back, relax and unwind with our luxury scalp neck and shoulder massage to help melt your tension away.

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