Treat yourself to an upgrade by adding the following on to your treatment.
Please specify when booking.

Paraffin wax (15 mins)

Paraffin is used in our manicures and can be used in the pedicure. Why not add paraffin into a facial for your hands or feet for total relaxation. This warming soothing treatment conditions your skin and boosts the circulation to give a radiance appearance. This will soften the skin and is also known for its healing properties very beneficial for joint pain and arthritis.

Reiki (15 mins)


Extractions (15 mins)

Can extract milia, blackheads or any congestion on the skin, leaving you blemish-free.

Hot stone facial massage (15 mins)




Thermasoft gloves/ booties

Self- warming hand or foot mask makes every treatment a pampered experience. It has a positive effect on the blood circulation and the body's moisture content. Contains 100% natural active ingredients like beeswax, shea butter and soybean extract.


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